Car Air Conditioning Service

Aircon Replacement and Maintenance

Keep your cool this summer with a properly maintained car air conditioning system.

In South Africa a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable all year round. Regular car services will check for obvious faults which may be associated with the air conditioning system, like drive belt tension, visible signs of refrigerant leaks and loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets, however it iss best practice to have a comprehensive air conditioning service regularly. To make sure all the filters and compressors are working correctly.

Did you know that in addition to regular servicing, running your car air conditioning during winter also helps to maintain the system in good working order. Air conditioning systems contain a myriad of hoses and seals that can dry out or crack, which could lead to coolant leads and power drains.

How long will a car air conditioning service last?

The general rule is that if the car air conditioning system is well maintained to begin with, the benefits and advantages that come with a comprehensive service performed by a suitably qualified and certified technician should last at least until the next service or about two years time.

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