Disc Skimming

Why skim your discs?

The disc skimming process will return your brakes to ex-factory condition. The process matches the disc to the hub. In other words, if there is the slightest run-out in the hub (i.e. it doesn't rotate in a perfectly true way), the skimming process will take care of this and correct it by automatically compensating for it.
Brake discs should be resurfaces when:

How does disc skimming work?

The lathe works on the vehicle, by attaching itself directly to the hub. The technology includes an automatic, electronically-controlled, gyroscope system which measures run-out in the hub and corrects for this to an accuracy of 0.025mm.

The automatic surface machining of a disc is completed in around 4 minutes. The complete process takes less than 10 minutes per disc. All brake discs can be skimmed at least once.

The only time your brake discs should be replaced is when they reach minimum thickness. Leading manufacturers have approved the Pro-Cut process of brake disc skimming.
Brake disc skimming – a better quality and lower cost alternative to brake disc replacement.

What are the advantages of brake disc skimming?

Over extended periods of time, the brake disc in a vehicle can easily suffer from defects. These defects might include worrying cracks, corrosion caused by salt or rust or other abnormalities. This can have a severe impact on the performance of your vehicle. However bad a condition a brake disc may be in, you'll be reassured to know that it can be easily remedied with the use of brake disc skimming.

Making use of a sophisticated brake lathe, brake disc skimming is a precision technique which can be used to resurface damaged brake discs. This process can be used no matter whether the brake discs are drilled, grooved or solid. But what exactly are the benefits of using this technique? Below, we outline just a few of the reasons why brake disc skimming is worth looking into to get your vehicle brakes back to their best:

Performs like brand new!

The main advantage of brake disc skimming is that it is able to improve partially worn discs to the extent that they can perform as if they were completely brand new. This essentially restores them to their original factory performance, allowing your wheels to lock out during MOT tests. It also extends the life span of your existing brake pads and discs. If you really want to get the most out of the brake discs you own, skimming is the way to go.

Minimises downtime

By restoring the original brake discs already present in the vehicle, disc skimming also has the benefit of minimising any necessary downtime while new brake discs and pads are obtained. It also reduces the amount of time wasted as the brake disc beds in.


While disc skimming can save you time it can also save you in terms of money. By getting the best out of the brake disc that you own, disc skimming means there is no need to replace your new pad and disc with a brand new model, offering you huge savings on the cost of new pads and discs which can be expensive.

Minimal disassembly

You might worry that disassembling your vehicle and using a lathe to skim your brake disc might accidentally damage other parts of your vehicle's hub. Reassuringly, disc skimming requires minimal disassembly, thereby drastically reducing the chance of accidental damage. The process is safe and easy, which will no doubt be a relief both to you and to your vehicle.

Here at CV Master Pretoria we are proud to be able to offer brake disc skimming for all vehicles as part of our vehicle maintenance and servicing department. If you would like more information about how disc skimming can benefit your vehicle, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We'd be delighted to explain the process to you further and make sure we have an understanding of your vehicle's individual needs.