Power Steering

Power steering assists drivers steer their car by enhancing steering effort of the wheel. Drivers with power steering need not provide much effort because the hydraulic or electric actuators add controlled energy to the steering mechanism.

Most cars made in the past 20 years come equipped with power steering. Unfortunately, power steering systems need to be checked regularly to avoid wear and tear. Problems with alignment, power steering pump or fluid are common.

When it comes to road safety, your Power Steering is one of the most important systems fitted to your vehicle. Quite often, however, it can be one of the most neglected - ignored until something goes wrong, and by then it may already be too late. Here at CV Master, we are experts in all aspects of Power Steering maintenance and repairs.

Saving you money on your Power Steering repairs

Our experienced Power Steering and Transmission technicians appreciate that prevention is always preferable and far less expensive than cure.

Through regular maintenance and inspection, we can identify many developing problems and address them before they have a chance to become major and costly issues further along the road.

Quality Power Steering components

The South African climate can be harsh on many Power Steering components such as rubber seals and pressure hoses, which is why we only supply and install top-quality components when carrying out repairs to your system.

Here at CV Master Pretoria we are proud to be able to offer power steering repairs for all vehicles as part of our vehicle maintenance and servicing department. If you would like more information about how power steering repairs can benefit your vehicle, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We'd be delighted to explain the process to you further and make sure we have an understanding of your vehicle's individual needs.

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One of the things that drivers rarely consider is power steering repair. Albuquerque can be a great place to drive, but if your power steering is having trouble, the extra effort involved in driving can be a real killjoy, and an immediate safety concern. For most of us, power steering repairs are something we never think about because most of us have had the luxury of power steering since we first sat in the driver's seat.

Here at Advantage Automotive, we want to take a moment to help our customers identify a power steering problem, and also talk a little bit about one of the newest advances in power steering technology that you may already have in your vehicle.

Power Steering problems have a tendency to sneak up on us, so it makes sense to be alert of the little things that can indicate an issue ahead of time. Here are a few things that will help you know when your vehicle needs power steering maintenance.

Whining or squealing noise – an annoying whine or squeal from your vehicle when you make a turn is usually a dead giveaway when it comes to power steering. This usually indicates that your power steering system doesn't have enough fluid to keep it healthy. Topping off the fluid is a quick fix, but you may have a leak in the system, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel Vibrates – Especially when idle, a steering wheel vibrating is an indication that the power steering belt is either damaged or loose. This is something you will want to fix as quickly as possible because it will be a serious shock, and a safety concern, if the power steering fails while you are on the road.

Difficulty turning – This is usually an indication that your power steering system needs attention immediately. If it is only slightly more difficult to steer, make sure you the problem addressed as quickly as possible. However, it is very difficult to steer, you may consider getting your vehicle towed. Driving with no power steering is much more difficult, and if there are any issues on the road, it will be much harder to react, and increases the odds of losing control.

All of these indicators are associated with the hydraulic power steering system. However, one of the more recent vehicle technologies is a electrical power steering system, or a hybrid of the two systems combined. The reason Electrical Power steering systems have become popular is the fact that they are much more efficient, are easier to maintain, and require fewer components.

No matter what kind of power steering system is in your vehicle, we have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your power steering problems. We understand that when it comes to the ability to control your vehicle, nothing short of absolute confidence will suffice.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about your specific vehicle. We will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns. We look fo